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LAMP Development Services and Consulting

Build your website by harnessing the power of LAMP STACK.

BizCollab360 brings expert LAMP development services to help businesses get tailored solutions for their unique requirements. With a stronghold in PHP based technology, our LAMP Stack developer team comes ahead as a trusted partner for businesses looking for flexible, scalable, and cost-effective applications that take them ahead. 

Why Should You Choose LAMP Application Development?

LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) is a development framework that owes its popularity to several benefits that come with using it. Since it is an open-source framework, it automatically reduces licensing costs. The technology is incredibly safe because of regular updates, secure architecture, and encryptions. Apps and websites built with LAMP technology are scalable and can be upsized or downsized according to a company’s growth. The easily available libraries and frameworks cut back on development time. LAMP code can work on several operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. 


Technology Expertise
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Zend Framework


Cake PHP



Cake PHP

Social Selling

 MW2 Direct™ Affiliate Marketing Solution.

MW2 Direct™ Affiliate Marketing Solution is designed to  catered to the needs of digital natives. Make it easy for influencers to join the program and represent your brand. Top features are Attract Social Influencers, Reach Niche markets to grow the business. 

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Our Portfolio
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Direct  Selling

 MW2 Direct™ Commissions Engine

The Commissions engine makes it easy for distributors to grow their business, find new recruits and represent the concerned brand. With robust promotional and rewards management system the Distributors can expand their business using a seamless ecommerce  journey.


 MW2 Direct™ Gathering/Party Solution 

Digital support for the part model. Distributors and hosts can management their gatherings/part with the numerous features the MW2 Direct™ gathering solution.


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